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Many parents have questions about their children’s learning, behaviour, or social/emotional functioning.  Often your child’s teacher or school team have suggested an assessment, or perhaps as a parent you have wondered or worried.

There are many reasons for booking an assessment for your child, including:
  • Academic challenges or learning difficulties
  • Behaviour challenges
  • Attentional challenges
  • Gifted assessment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment

An assessment will provide a very comprehensive look at your child’s thinking and problem solving skills, their academic skills, behaviour, and social-emotional functioning.  

When you book an assessment for your child with one of our psychologists, they will begin with an intake meeting with you, as parents. They will gather background information from you about your child’s early development, hear about your child’s school and social history, and ask about your concerns and goals for the assessment. They can answer any questions you might have about the process and help explain what your child can expect when they come for their assessment appointments.

Next, your child will have three to four scheduled meetings with the psychologist, usually about two hours each. During that time, they will complete a number of different tests that will help the psychologist to understand different aspects of their thinking, learning, and behaviour. Some of the tests will be familiar academic tasks, but others will be novel puzzles and questions, word or math activities, and questionnaires. The psychologist will likely want to gather some information from your child’s teachers to obtain their observations as well.  

Finally, the psychologist will meet to share the results of the assessment in a meeting with parents and later a report containing all of the results of that assessment will be provided.  

You know your child best and, together, we will create a picture of your child that includes their learning skills, thoughts and feelings, and behaviour. What we learn can help us better understand your child and help them build the skills they need to thrive.  


A parent meeting where we discuss your concerns and goals for the assessment.


Several sessions with your child assessing their learning, behaviour, and social-emotional skills.


A feedback meeting to go through the details of the assessment, along with recommendations for school and home 


This document includes a detailed description of the results of the assessment, and a plan to optimize your child’s potential.

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